Samsung A10

Samsung A10 Review of Guide with Full Specifications

Is your favorite mobile brand Samsung? What features are you looking for while searching for a new smartphone? This comprehensive guide is designed to give you an in-depth look at the Samsung A10 Series, a mobile phone that has been making waves for its unbelievable features and value. We will delve into every aspect of this smartphone, ensuring you have all the details you want to make an informed decision.

Samsung A10

This Samsung series is a part of the renowned Samsung Galaxy series, and it is designed to cater to all the needs of the budget-conscious yet experienced user. In this article, we analyze all the performances, specifications, and user experience and how this mobile stands out in the competitive world of affordable smartphones. Whether you’re a professional, a university student, or someone seeking a reliable phone, this review guide aims to address your curiosities and concerns. Join us!

Design & Build

The Samsung A10 flaunts a modern design that’s both attractive and practical and its lightweight build and slim profile make it very comfortable to use and hold with only one hand. The plastic back, available in a wide range of colors like blue, red, and black, adds a touch of elegance while ensuring its durability. The build quality of the mobile phone is solid, making it feel more incomparable than its price tag suggests. 

Samsung A10 Design & Build

But ,the absence of a fingerprint sensor in this phone is noticeable, but the phone’s face unlock feature compensates for it, offering a seamless unlocking experience.The front side of this smartphone is dominated by a big, vibrant screen with minimal bezels that contribute to its modish aesthetic. The button placement and ports are thoughtfully done, ensuring hassle-free access. 

Additionally, the micro USB port and the headphone jack are located finely by making the device more user-friendly. Overall, the design and build of the Galaxy A10 are impressive, providing a stylish and comfortable user experience.

Screen & Speakers

The Samsung A10 boasts a high-quality 6.2-inch Infinity-V display that brings amazing visuals to life with its beautiful colors and excellent contrast. The HD+ resolution ensures that images and texts are clear and sharp, making this mobile a delight to watch various video clips, play different games, or browse the web. The quality and the screen’s size provide a wonderful experience, which is a unique plus for a mobile in the budget-friendly price range. 

Samsung A10 Screen & Speakers

Its viewing angles are best, and the phone’s brightness level is good enough for outdoor use as well, although it may struggle under direct sunlight.Audio-wise, the mobile’s single bottom-firing speaker delivers top sound quality, and it’s loud enough for private enjoyment in a very quiet environment. Additionally, the clarity of this speaker is acceptable for casual listening, but remember, audiophiles might find it lacking in depth. 

Moreover, the inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack is another feature coming with this, allowing all users to connect their favorite headphones for a personalized audio experience. The speakers and the screen of the Samsung A10 provide a satisfying multimedia experience, so you can use this phone for different tasks as well.

Specs & Performance

This Galaxy A10 is powered by an Exynos 7884 processor, which is paired with 2GB of RAM, and this combination delivers a good performance that is efficient and smooth for daily tasks such as social media, browsing, and game playing. The phone handle is multitasking, although both simple and heavy applications and games may cause some lag. 

With expandable microSD and 32GB of internal storage, there’s enough space for photos, media, and apps, which is an important advantage for all users who need extra storage.


A Samsung A10‘s camera is set up with a 5MP front-facing camera and a 13MP rear camera. The rear camera captures vibrant and detailed images in good lighting conditions, with an autofocus feature that accurately and quickly. The colors are well-represented, and the overall photo quality is impressive for a smart mobile phone in this segment. 


The front camera of this series comes with a 5MP sensor, and it is capable of capturing the best selfies in well-lit environments. As well as it includes some features such as beautification modes and selfie focus, improving your selfie-taking experience. Video recording on his smartphone is satisfactory, with its ability to shoot 1080p video clips at 30fps.

Battery Life & Charging

One of the main features of the Samsung A10 is its 3400mAh battery, and it can be easily powered through a full day of moderate to heavy usage, which includes social media, browsing, streaming movies, and video playback. This endurance is one of the best benefits for Samsung users who are looking for a phone that helps them keep up with their busy lives. The battery life of the mobile ensures that you always stay connected throughout the day by making it the best companion for both leisure and work.

Samsung A10 Battery Life & Charging

However, it comes with a standard 5W charger, which means the charging speed is low, and it takes around two hours to get fully charged. But this is a good choice for students and some people for their daily tasks.

Software & Apps

Software & Apps

The Samsung A10 runs on Android 9 Pie, and it is enhanced with Samsung’s One UI. This software combination brings a user-friendly interface that can be navigated without much effort. And really, it is pleasant to use. One UI provides many customization options and very useful features like night mode, which makes the smartphone easier to use in low light. In addition, the software is optimized to run very smoothly on its hardware by contributing to the overall user experience.

Price & Availability

When it comes to pricing the Samsung A10 provides incredible value for the price of a mobile, and it’s an affordable choice that doesn’t skimp on important features. This mobile phone is widely available through many retailers and also on online platforms, making it easily accessible to a huge audience. Its competitive pricing makes it a top choice for all budget-conscious consumers who are searching for a feature-packed mobile.


The Samsung A10 is one of the top choices for those people seeking a balance between functionality and affordability, and it is perfect for daily usage. It provides a user-friendly interface, a modern design, and satisfactory performance. This smartphone is a good choice for professionals, first-time users, students, or anyone needing a reliable mobile. After you read this review guide, you can get a good understanding of this smart mobile, and if you are a Samsung user, feel free to refer to these mobile phone guides, such as SS A14, Samsung Galaxy A20, and Samsung Galaxy 23, to enhance your knowledge.

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